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Viz Comic Back Issues

Viz Comic Back Issue |  Viz Comic Back Issues

Viz Back Issues 1 - 25

Viz Back Issues from the earliest issue No: 1 to No: 25 the early ones had a very limited production runs with No: 1 having a print run of only 150 and only available to anyone lucky enough to have been in Newcastle on one of the few nights it was sold. Currently commands a price of over £1,000. Print runs increased to 5,000 by issue No:12. Then when Virgin became involved from issue 13 print runs increased dramatically reaching 29,000 by issue No:23

Viz Back Issues 26 - 50

Viz Back Issues - The heady years for Viz with circulation reaching over 1.2 million per issue, this period also saw many rivals jumping on the Viz bandwagon producing rival comics, but Viz held out strong and maintained its popularity. During this time many of the most characters were introduced and developed into the Viz superstars that we know and love today. These include Sid the Sexist, The Fat Slags, Biffa Bacon, Roger Mellie, Mrs Brady Old Lady not to mention Billy the Fish

Viz Back Issues 51- 75

Viz Back Issues - Continuing high sales of Viz comic maintained production runs of around 800,000 per issue still making it the third best selling magazine in the United Kingdom.

Viz Back Issues 76 - 100

Viz Back Issues - During this time circulation dwindled somewhat and leveled out around 500,000 copies and Chris Donald ceased being editor.

Viz Back Issues 101 - 125

Viz Back Issues - Circulation leveled off at around 300,000 copies per issue.

Viz Back Issues 126 - 150

Viz Back Issues - Circulation still at around 300,000 copies.

Viz Comic Back Issue |  Viz Comic Back Issues