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Viz Comic Back Issue |  Viz Books & Magazines - Some Serious Publications

Viz Holiday SpecialViz Holiday Special

Viz Holiday Special

Published July 1988

Origional Price £3.95
Price: 26.00

Viz - Roger's Profanisaurus 1st editionViz - Roger's Profanisaurus 1st edition

The origional Roger's Profanisaurus small paper back/pamflet, now grown into its own hard back book from this humble begining

Came free with issue of Viz Comic 87 - 1998

Price: 20.00

Viz - Roger's Profanisaurus Hard Backed BookViz - Roger's Profanisaurus Hard Backed Book

The origional Roger's Profanisaurus hard backed book

Printed by BoxTree 2002

Origional Selling Price £9.99
Price: 16.00

Viz - Letterbocks Top TipsViz - Letterbocks Top Tips

Taken directly from the pages of Viz and compiled into its own Paperback this fantastic book of Tips was origionally priced at £3.99 when printed in 1994
Price: 16.00

Viz - Billy the Fish Football YearbookViz - Billy the Fish Football Yearbook

Viz - Billy the Fish Football Yeaybook

First published November 1990

Original Price 3.50
Price: 16.00

Viz - Book of Crap JokesViz - Book of Crap Jokes

Small hard backed book featuring the small cartoons from issues of Viz Comic

Published October 1989

Original Price £3.95
Price: 10.00

Viz - The Sexist Book of RecordsViz - The Sexist Book of Records

Small Hard Backed Book containing all manner of sexist records

'What is the farthest a woman has driven with the handbrake on?'

'What is the longest sentance a woman has delivered in a single breath?'

the answer to these and many other questions contained within.

Published by BoxTree 2002

Origional Price £4.99

Price: 10.00

Viz - Summer Special 2000Viz - Summer Special 2000

Fantastic Issue of Viz Summertime Special 2000 Produced in Newcastle upon Tyne edited by Simon Donald cover price £1.85 includes an A3 poster for Skegness.

Excellent condition throughout

Featuring:- The Fat Slags, Mrs Brady Old Lady, Mr Logic, Gilbert Ratchet, Sid the Sexist, Suicidal Syd, Tinribs, Rat Boy, Ravey Davey Gravy and 8 Ace.
Price: 7.00

Viz - Summer Special 2001Viz - Summer Special 2001

Summertime Special 2001

Original Price £1.85

Sorry No Poster of 'The Shittish Isles'

Featuring:- Sid The Sexist, 8 Ace, Biffa BaconGilbert Ratchet, Aldridge Prior, Working Men's Club 18-30, Fat Slags, Sandy Cockseye Beach Voyeur & Major Misunderstanding
Price: 10.00

Viz - Sid the Sexist - The Joy of SexismViz - Sid the Sexist - The Joy of Sexism

Special Release Sid the Sexist Paper Back Book

Full of the usual Sid strips and added bonus of Sexist information

First and possibly the only edition

Origionally priced at a much too low £6.99
Price: 20.00

Viz - The Bumper Book Of ShiteViz - The Bumper Book Of Shite

For Older Girls and Boys
Price: 10.00

Viz - Big Fat Slags BookViz - Big Fat Slags Book

Price: 10.00

Viz - 25 Years of Viz - Silver Plated JubileeViz - 25 Years of Viz - Silver Plated Jubilee

25 Years of Viz - Silver Plated Jubilee by William Cook - "Lavishly illustrated with previously unpublished artwork, sketches and doodles, this distinctly fancy book offers a rare opportunity to root through the bins at perhaps the shittest magazine in Britain, if not the world."

By Boxtree 2004
Price: 30.00

Viz - Special Silver Anniversary Collectors' EditionViz - Special Silver Anniversary Collectors' Edition

The World's 100 Sexiest Birds Select Their Favourite Viz Cartoon Strip Just For You! With no More Hot Pics Inside Whatsoever

Fantastic Glossy magazne 'FHM' style of all your favourite Viz charachters

Published By Dennis Publishing Summer 2004

Original selling Price £4.99
Price: 10.00

Viz - Rude Kids by Chris DonaldViz - Rude Kids by Chris Donald

Rude Kids

By Chris Donald
Price: 36.00

Viz - Rude Kids by Chris Donald - PaperbackViz - Rude Kids by Chris Donald - Paperback

Paperback edition of

Rude Kids

By Chris Donald
Price: 19.00

Viz Comic Back Issue |  Viz Books & Magazines - Some Serious Publications